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Was delighted to be honored with the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award on June 8 2006 in Los Angeles, as he was honored despite his reputation as a harsh critic of the movie industry. "It means a tremendous amount, especially because of some of the things I have said about Hollywood."

Underwent surgery at a New York hospital to remove a tumour from his kidney in January 2006.

His performance as James Bond in the 007 films is ranked #5 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.

Was once stopped for speeding by an officer named Sergeant James Bond.

In several movies someone has done a Sean Connery impression, like: Alec Baldwin in 'The Hunt for Red October', Mel Gibson in 'What Women Want', Josh Hartnett in 'Lucky Number Slevin', Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller in 'Trainspotting', Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Catch Me If You Can', Peta Wilson in 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', Tom Hanks in 'Bachelor Party', Robin Williams in 'Mrs. Doubtfire', and more.

Rejected the role of Philip in Oliver Stone's Alexander, which was eventually played by 45-year-old Val Kilmer, because he was unimpressed with the script's "dense" re-telling of the Macedonian warrior's life.

His Oscar awarded for The Untouchables lives with his son in New York.

Matt Busby offered him the chance to join Manchester United. Connery turned him down. "It was a great temptation," he said, but football seemed an even more precarious career than the stage.

He was a milkman, a bricklayer, a coffin polisher and a lifeguard before acting came along.

Connery maintains The Man Who Would Be King is the film for which he should have won his Oscar.

In 1995, he was offered a part in Rob Roy, but he couldn't do it because he was doing First Knight. And he was offered the part of King Edward I in Braveheart but he couldn't do it because he was doing Just Cause.

According to a poll, conducted by British film magazine Empire, he created the worst accent in the history of cinema in the 1987 movie The Untouchables.Mr. Universe contest 1953, Sean in the middle

Was offered a role in Cleopatra (1963)

In 1953, he entered the Mr. Universe contest, finishing third in the tall man's division.

Lost his virginity when he was eight years old.

Started smoking when he was nine years old.

After Marnie, Alfred Hitchcock wanted Connery for another part, but there were not to be many more Hitchcock movies and it never happened.

Steven Spielberg claims to have been a Connery admirer since he saw The Hill at the age of seventeen.

He's an enthusiastic poet, although he never allows anyone to see his work.

Was offered the role of Daddy Warbucks in the filmversion of Annie.

The title 'Never Say Never Again' was suggested by Sean's wife Micheline.

Declared in 2003 that he would not return home until Scotland is an independent country.

Was offered The Matrix (twice), but turned it down because he didn't understand it.

Turned down the role of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings series because he didn't want to film down in Australia for 18 months.

Was offered the role of "Robert Elliott" by Brian DePalma in Dressed to KillPEOPLE's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1989 (1980) and was enthusiastic about it, but declined on account of previously acquired commitments.

(October 1997) Ranked #14 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list.

He was voted 'Sexiest Man Alive' (1989) and 'Sexiest Man of the Century' (1999) by People Magazine.

Sean Connery wears a toupee in all the James Bond movies. He started loosing his hair already at the age of 21. Privately and in most other movies, he wears none.

He has two small tattoos on his right arm. One says "Scotland forever", the other "Mum and Dad." He got them when he enlisted in the British Navy at the age of 16.

Took dancing lessons for 11 years. His teacher was the Swedish dancer Yat Malmgren.

Thinks that the James Bond movies have stagnated and that Quentin Tarantino should direct the coming ones.

(1993) Had radiation therapy for an undisclosed throat ailment.

Starring as King Richard in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991), Connery got $250,000 for two days work. He donated it to charity.

Major contributor to the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Said in an interview that during the filming of Never Say Never Again, he was taking martial arts lessons and in the process angered the instructor who in turn broke his wrist. Connery stayed with the wrist broken for a number of years thinking it was only a minor pain... the instructor was Steven Seagal.

Recipient of 22nd Annual Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime contribution to arts and culture, presented by President Clinton in Wash DC, Dec. 5, 1999.

Dropped out of school at 13.

Received a Knighthood from Britain's Elizabeth, Queen on New Year's Eve, 1999.Knighthood by Queen Elizabeth

(1995) Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#7).

Thunderball was Sean Connery's own favorite performance as 007.

Turned down the then astronomical sum of $5.5 million to play James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973).

Connery joined the Merchant Navy as a teenager but stomach ulcers forced him to leave. He received a disability pension for a period after this.

After his service with the Merchant Navy, Connery worked as a model for Edinburgh art students at the age of 19.

Received the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh in 1991.

Was paid a huge sum to return as James Bond for Diamonds Are Forever, setting a record. It was donated to his Scottish charity.

Sir Sean Connery ranked first among the Male British movie actors in the Orange Film Survey of 10,000 voters.

Considered for the part of Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music (1965).

The role of the King of the Moon in The Adventures of Baron Muchhausen (1988) was intended for Sean Connery until the role was largely cut. Connery didn't think it was kingly enough, thus the role was played by Robin Williams.

He was voted the 24th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.


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